Strobist Lighting 101 with the orbis Ringflash

  • David Hobby calls the orbis® one of his favorite light modifiers…

Watch how easy it is to get amazing professional lighting effects with your orbis ring flash!

  • Stunning studio lighting with your flash. Anywhere. Like a #Strobist.
  • Turn your harsh SLR flash into beautiful, shadowless light. Like a #Strobist
  • Softbox. Ringflash. Beauty dish. Three #Strobist effects in one!




These great photos are shot by photographers like you, with an orbis!

  • Universal lens and flash fit… even Mirrorless compacts too!
  • Works perfectly with your TTL flash or on manual!
  • 14 day TryAtHome guarantee. If you don’t love it return it!
  • Being a #Strobist saves you 10% and gets you FREE shipping!


“Without my orbis® I’d be lost!”

-David Hobby AKA Strobist