orbis photos, and more!

With your orbis® you can shoot great photos like these quickly and easily. Don’t just take our word for it… there are AWESOME orbis photos on the orbis flash flickr group, shot by photographers like you around the world.

If you’re interested in ioShutter to control your DSLR’s shutter with your iPhone for amazing long exposure, timelapse and more, scroll down..

Here are some favourites from the orbis® flickr group, our own archives and emails. A few are shot by top-flight pro photographers, many by everyday fun shooters and others by orbis inventor James during his workshops and photography show demos!

Here are some photos shot with ioShutterSLR. Jump to the ioShutterSLR page for more photos shot with ioShutterSLR and great Behind The Scenes videos too!

Check out the frio page for photos shot featuring the frio coldshoe as part of the setup, and some great Behind The Scenes photos!

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