The beautifully engineered patent pending orbis Ring Flash. Upgrade your natural light!
The orbis is perfect for beautiful shadowless light quickly and easily. Try one today risk-free with our TryAtHome guarantee!orbis flash contentsShooting with the orbis Ring Flash to the side as an off-camera softbox is easy!

orbis flash


Transform your photography instantly with beautiful, easy, shadowless light. Softbox, ringflash and beauty dish in one. Any camera, every flash and TTL too. Click more info now!

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The orbis® instantly transforms the harsh light from your SLR flash gun to create beautiful, shadowless photos quickly and easily. Sensational lighting is now in your reach, thanks to the remarkable and revolutionary orbis flash.

You will discover stunning results when you shoot with the orbis. All your camera and flash TTL systems work perfectly. The orbis is an easy and proven way to shoot sensational photos. Save money when you buy an orbis, thanks to the beautiful ringflash, softbox and beauty dish effects, all in one.

orbis photos

  • Discover stunning studio lighting without a studio!
  • Transform your harsh SLR flash into beautiful, shadowless light
  • Ring flash, softbox and beauty dish in one!
  • Easy, beautiful shadowless portraits!
  • Perfect for product and macro photography!
  • Works with every camera and flash and every lens*!
  • We guarantee you’ll love your orbis photos!

The orbis® is a softbox, beauty dish and ring flash in one, that uses your speedlight flash for the light.

The orbis® fits to your flash in seconds and works with your camera and flash’s TTL. Thousands of photographers worldwide love the orbis… Take a browse through the testimonials for some of the great things said about the orbis.

You will love the results. It’s guaranteed!

When you buy your orbis® from us now, it includes the unique TryAtHome™ no questions asked, no strings attached, moneyback guarantee! TryAtHome gives you 14 days to play with your new gear and if you don’t absolutely love it, you can return it to us in its original packaging.

*The orbis fits every flash except the discontinued Vivitar 286, every camera including mirrorless CSC compacts and with an 87mm lens tunnel, nearly every lens including most ‘L’ series Canon lenses and pro-series Nikon f2.8 zooms.

The orbis is a unique patented enlight photo accessory. Invented by us for you.

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With your orbis® you could be shooting great photos like these quickly and easily. Don’t just take our word for it… there are AWESOME photos on the orbis Ringflash flickr group, shot by photographers like you around the world.

Click to find out more or visit orbis® inventor James’ flickr Photostream below!

And below are some favourites from the orbis® flickr group and emails. A few are shot by top-flight pro photographers and many by everyday fun shooters!

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The orbis® Video Series! See every orbis® film

The orbis® has been a global smash since it first launched in 2009. Enjoy how-to films, behind the scenes, guest videos from around the world and more!

From Prep to Page – an orbis™ mini documentary

Follow orbis™ shooter and adventure photographer Graeme Murray on a magazine assignment in “from Prep to Page”, the first mini-documentary from enlight photo. Then see the beautiful Carena West filmed with a Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 bring the short film to a conclusion.

on location for a kickboxer orbis portrait shoot

See the orbis® ring flash in action at a photo shoot of a kickboxer. Includes the advanced tip of using your orbis as a small softbox for directional lighting effects at close range.

Dom and Gamma – the orbis, latex, and a Scotsman

Photographer Dom Bower using the orbis™ to shoot a latex fashion campaign in an Edinburgh bar featuring the frankly gorgeous Gamma Ray Dali. Watch Dom shooting with stunning lighting using the orbis™ and other strobist-style lightsources.

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If you’ve got some orbis® buzz to send us, tag it with @enlightphotopro on Twitter or drop it on the orbis® Facebook page!

David_Hobby, AKA StrobistWithout my orbis, I’d be lost!
-David Hobby, AKA Strobist

i just got the orbis even a noob like me can get great portrait, thanks for this great product.
-Photoguy30523 on Youtube

Jeff Graham, USA TodayEasily one of the best photography purchases I’ve made all year!
-Jeff Graham, USA Today

Damien Lovegrove UK Photographer95% of the effect of a studio ring flash at a fraction of the price.
-Damien Lovegrove, UK Photography Guru

I love my orbis. Favourite thing in my bag!
-Photographer Miya E

Pro Jeff KlaumI love using the Orbis. It is my goto light
Jeff Klaum – Pro photographer. See one of Jeff’s orbis shoots here!


Chris Gampat, B&H Photo RevSome of the most beautiful light output I’ve seen!
-Chris Gampat, B&H Photo Reviewer

The orbis is the best accessory I have bought for my camera in a long time!
-Vince D

Great professional results with beautiful soft light. The orbis deals wonderfully with product photography, portraits and macro.
-phototuts+ Review

The best investment I ever made!
-Amanuel Tsegu on Twitter

Way better than DIY!
-flickr shooter sirshannon

I have tried the cheaper Chinese versions and another from another brand and to me there is a HUGE difference. The orbis is built MUCH better and the quality of light is amazing.
-Pablo “Teco” Salto-Weis Azevedo

Without doubt the best photography accessory I own. The light it produces is A+ and it is portable.
-John P, USA

We’ve chosen the orbis for our BEST PRODUCT award!
-Derek Pell, Zoom Street Magazine Editor

I just completed my first paid photography job using the orbis and it’s brilliant! Incredible flexibility. The orbis has become an essential part of my kit. Worth every penny.
-Marc S, USA

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280mm / 11″


220mm / 8 5/8″

Depth at grip

55mm / 2 1/8″

Depth at lens

38mm / 1 1/2″

Internal lens aperture

87mm / 3 7/16″ (fits most pro-spec lenses up to 70-200 f2.8)


600g / 1lb 5oz

Max. effective range

4m / 12’ (may be exceeded by raising ISO and/or lowering f stop)


Tough ABS plastic


Highly textured raised profile


Adjustable 1200mm removable

Light tunnel tech

Patent-pending light tunnels, variable diffusion and V-flector™

Flash/strobe sizes

Compatible with all modern SLR flash guns including all Canon, all Nikon and every other main brands. Does not fit Metz Hammerheads and the Vivitar 285.

Lens compatibility

orbis lens tunnel diameter 85mm. Fits every common SLR lens, up to and including Canon and Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lenses, 16-35mm, 27-70mm and more.


Handheld or as a system with the orbis Arm bracket

arm Bracket (optional)

6061 Aluminium with x2 tripod mounts, adjustable x6 ways, folds for carry.

Ships with

Manual, yellow protective bag, shoulder strap, extra fitting pad

The orbis arm connects your orbis to your camera.

Whether you shoot hand-held or with the arm is totally down to preference… some photographers love hand-held, others swear by the orbis arm.

Find the orbis arm by clicking here, or the all-in-one orbis System that includes the orbis flash and the orbis arm by clicking here!

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