Awesome SLR selfie setup!

PhotoBooth Sound Trigger with ioShutter

What's one of the best ways to set up a photo booth at a party, barbeque, wedding, or at home with the kids? Using a shutter release system with a sound trigger of course! Let your guests take their own photo for amazing fun and natural ...

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40 Seconds of Summer Timelapse Tips – The Five P’s

60 second exposure at dusk, Clevedon, UK.

Timelapse looks easy. But often you try it only to find you're not getting the results you'd hoped for. Sound familiar? Don't worry! It happens to all of us. It's easy to get confused by all the tips online about how to shoot timelapse. Here are ...

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First ever UK "The Photography Show"! Video and pics…

enlight photo at The Photography Show 2014 Birmingham NEC

March;s The Photography Show held at Birmingham NEC in the UK was a BLAST! Tens of thousands of like-minded photographers in one place for four days.... there's something to see for every kind of photography obsession you can imagine. For our part, ...

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enlight photo ioShutter™ interview – Dave Newton

Taipei Panorama shot by photographer Dave Newton using his ioShutterSLR release

Dave Newton has always had a love of nature. His Marine Biology degree immersed him deep in the world he loved, but he soon realised that photography was his passion.  So what did he do? Well, he completed a post-graduate MSc in Biological ...

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Your Words, Your Pictures – ioShutter™

Water Drop by D Lane - Shot with ioShutter

Welcome, all, to a new series on our blog! Since you're such a chatty lot, and love getting in touch to tell us how you've been using your gear, we thought we'd feature some of your experiences and thoughts on our blog in this series "Your Words - ...

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James Madelin on Cameradiner discussing in depth shooting tips, tech and more!

Cameradiner on Youtube

A couple of weeks ago as snow storms hit the UK, I appeared on CameraDiner, a fun new Youtube live chatshow. It's a one hour twenty minute show full of really interesting insights into how the orbis® was developed, using ioShutter SLR to shoot long ...

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