About Us

enlight photo is an award-winning company creating cool gear and apps for photographers, founded by pro photographer James Madelin and Business Project Manager, Naomi, in 2006.


Read on to check out some kick-ass photographers who love our gear, scroll our timeline and check out our history.

The orbis flash®, frio cold shoe®ioShutter™, PhotoPhreezePhun™ and PhotoPhridgePhun™  are all unique, original inventions brought to you by enlight photo Ltd. They’re all protected by patents, pending patents, trademarks and design registrations in various territories.

You can buy our gear direct from us, and in the world’s best camera stores worldwide.

Some of the photographers we love, who love our gear

Photographer Dave Kai Piper is a fan of enlight photo gear including the orbis flash, ioShutter shutter release system and frio cold shoe Photographer Edmund Terakopian  is a fan of enlight photo gear including the orbis flash, ioShutter shutter release system and frio cold shoe Photographer Caleb Jones is a fan of enlight photo gear including the orbis flash, ioShutter shutter release system and frio cold shoe

Extreme sports photographer Graeme Murray is a fan of enlight photo gear including the orbis flash, ioShutter shutter release system and frio cold shoe Photographer and photopreneur David Honl is a fan of enlight photo gear including the orbis flash, ioShutter shutter release system and frio cold shoe Photographer Joe McNally is a fan of enlight photo gear including the orbis flash, ioShutter shutter release system and frio cold shoe



2014 – enlight photo launches PhotoPhreezePhun™, the world’s first camera ice-cube tray, selling out in less than four weeks.

2013 – enlight photo wins insider magazines ’42 Under 42′ Innovations award

2013 – enlight photo welcomes Johnson’s Photopia as UK photo-channel distributors of our gear!

2012 – enlight photo welcomes Apple Stores in US, Canada, UK and EU continent to our network of prestigious retailers selling ioShutter™!

2012 – ioShutter™ is “Highly recommended!” by digital media guru Scott Bourne

2012 – ioShutter™ wins the IPA Best In Show Award at Photoplus Expo 2012.

2012 – enlight photo sponsors the awesome Creative Asia Photo Expo in HK and KL

2012 – enlight photo UK Ltd is established

2012 – ioShutter™ features as a PDN Magazine illustrious “Object of Desire”

2012 – ioShutter™ wins the offical PMA “Best in Show” Award at PMA Australia.

2012 – ioShutter™ gets rave reviews on Forbes.com, LA Times, Dallas Morning News and beyond

2012 – ioShutter™, the world’s best shutter release cable for SLR control from your iPhone, launches

2012 – enlight photo exports to more than 20 countries through distributors and affiliated resellers

2011 – orbis® flash featured in WIRED UK magazine Tech Fetish section

2011 – enlight photo wins Entrepreneur’s Challenge National Business Award

2011 – enlight photo sponsors the US David Hobby/ Joe McNally Flashbus tour nationwide

2011 – enlight photo wins American Chamber of Commerce Export Award

2011 – frio™ cold shoe featured as a PDN Magazine illustrious “Object of Desire”

2011 – launch of enlight photo online pro store

2011 – frio™ cold shoe launches to global acclaim

2011 – enlight photo grows 17% outperforming the stagnant photography sector

2010 – orbis® flash wins Zoom Street Photo Product award.

2010 – Rookie Marketer of the Year Award for enlight photo’s Anna Claire Clendon

2010 – enlight photo partners with distributors in Germany, UK, Spain

2010 – enlight photo grows by 40% in the midst of a global recession

2009 – orbis® wins prestigious POP Photo Award

2009 – orbis® arm fitting accessory launches

2009 – enlight photo returns a profit in first year of trading

2009 – enlight photo partners with distributors in the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and Italy

2008 – orbis® Flash launches after two years in development

2006 – enlight photo ltd founded

Our History

The orbis®, enlight photo’s first accessory, was invented by photographer James Madelin in his garage. He persevered for months building one version after another until he had a modular ring flash prototype that worked. As a portrait and newspaper photographer, James had neither the big budgets, the patience or the muscles required to carry heavy studio lighting gear around, but wanted great light from his small flashes.

Using his DIY modular ring flash, the photos were amazing. He knew that he wanted to bottle that “WOW” moment to pass onto other photographers. But using gear made of duct tape and tin foil is not a great look for any photographer, so one fateful day James decided to buy a modular ring flash online. Discovering he couldn’t, he set to work to bring his idea to market.

He and business project manager wife, Naomi, founded enlight photo.  With James’ knowledge of the photography industry and Naomi’s organisational and operations skills they formed a team and embarked on a couple of years of intense work. Optical engineers and industrial designers helped move the design well beyond anything you can DIY in your garage, and the orbis® was born.

A few months after the launch of the orbis® in early 2009 and in response to overwhelming demand from the photography community, James and the team at enlight photo released the orbis® arm, a mounting accessory for the orbis®.

In 2010 enlight photo launched the unique frio™ hot shoe adapter. The world’s best cold shoe, the frio™ boasts patented Dual Lock security, universal fit and a funky blue finish.

In 2012 enlight launched their coolest accessory yet, ioShutter™ SLR. ioShutterSLR is the original SLR camera control for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. ioShutter enables SLR photographers to shoot amazing portraits, landscapes, star trail and city light trail photos, timelapse sequences and more…. more easily than ever before thanks to a beautiful app interface.

The launch of ioShutterSLR was followed with the release of ioShutterCam, a standalone iPhone and iPod touch app for photographers keen to shoot timelapse, sound triggered, movement triggered and timed photos with their iPhones and iPod touches.

These days, with barely any time for pro photography, James, Naomi and their team work full-time to bring the orbis® system, frio™ cold shoe and ioShutter™  to the photographers around the world, and are continuing to develop new and exciting photography gear.

James holds  New Zealand, Swiss and British citizenships (next life he’ll be a spy!).  He and UK-born Naomi live in the UK with their children. Naomi holds business and family together at enlight’s Bristol HQ, occasionally managing to join James on the road at lighting workshops, tradeshows or visiting visit enlight’s expanding network of dealers and distributors around the globe.

Paul is our multi-talented “Everything-istrator” who manages tasks from customer services and logistics support to videography and editing. Catherine works in Logistics and Sarah in Customer Services. Behind the core team, an extended team of marketeers, patent lawyers, optical engineers, CAD designers, graphic designers, prototypers and more all work in the wings helping to turn photographers’ ideas into reality.

The enlight photo range continues to win accolades from leading journalists and bloggers around the world. Join the excitement on flickr, TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Google+ .

What we do

  • Create great gear
  • Put photographers first
  • Work with the best companies around the world
  • We ride bikes (the kind you peddle – especially MTB, and the noisy kind with fat exhausts)
  • Make amazing coffee (we get our beans here)
  • Listen to very loud drum & bass tunes (we love London Electricity/HospitalityDNB)