enlight photo's NEW HQ !!!

Woo Hoo!  The home of enlight photo has relocated to the Northern Hemisphere from distant New Zealand and we now have a brand spanking new office HQ. Photo accessory invention has a new home.

We’ll soon be announcing all sorts of good stuff to take advantage of our cool new location in the UK, including meetups and sales of gear direct from our doorstep.

View from enlight photo's office HQ in Bristol ,UK

Snow at enlight photo’s new HQ (well, a bit left anyway)!

James Madelin wheeling boxes along the corridor to enlight photo ltd's new offices in Bristol, UK

James moves yet another box along the very LONG corridor

We ‘moved in’ over the weekend, with the help of some small elves who soon got very hot screaming along the corridors – in spite of the snow falling outside. Now the long wait for our office broadband and furniture begins… I’m writing this sitting on a box surrounded by, you guessed it, more boxes.
James moved a lot of boxes, Naomi helped too – managing our team of elves diligently. With most of the enlight crew working around the world, liaised and coordinated from HQ, it was down to us to heft a ton of crates, cupboards and computers. Some of the elves seemed more interested in playing than moving stuff…

enlight photo logo / sign under the unit number of our new offices

This is where it’s all going to be happening for the forseeable future! (flashy logo sign to come!)

Small helpers run amok at enlight photo's new UK HQ, Bristol

The enlight elves run amok at enlight photo’s new HQ, Bristol, UK


Watch out for exciting announcements as soon as the big G (that’s Google) has confirmed our new location and we’ve unpacked all our boxes by following us on Twitter,  Facebook and Google+.


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Pipework and intercom telephone at enlight photo's new officed

Oooh – retro fixtures and an intercom… Just like Thunderbirds!

Ceiling wiring mounts feature photo at enlight photo's new offices

We’re in an old building near the railway – a new fit-out  with an industrial flavour… Steampunk dressups anyone ?


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  1. says

    It was good to talk to you at Focus! I haven’t had a chance to have a proper play with my iOShutter yet, but what I’ve seen looks great! I look forward to the iPhone 5 app update 😉

    btw, your new premises looks good! I reckonise that home town location!

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