Long exposures with ioShutter SLR

I was on holiday a few weeks ago in Cornwall, UK. It’s a great place to go even if, like me, you’re used to warmer climes. Don’t expect to swim without a wetsuit though, unless you’re one of the hardy locals.

Having put the kids to bed in our little holiday pad in Rock I grabbed my Nikon D300, my ioShutter for Nikon, my tripod and carkeys and headed out the door down to the local beach.

About half an hour after sundown, I set up in the dusk, framed a boat gently rocking back and forth. With my camera set to ‘Bulb’ (long exposure) I dialled in a 60 second exposure in my ioShutter Lite app and got this:


Experimenting with the ‘bulb’ function for a long exposure with ioShutter™ Lite

Very underexposed, as you can see – longer exposure needed. I raised my shutter exposure on ioShutter™ Lite on my iPhone from 60 seconds to 90 seconds and tried again:


A few changes to my ‘bulb’ settings in ioShutter™ Lite and I’m getting closer!

Changing the length of your exposure is much easier on your iPhone screen than it would usually be on the camera, since it’s a lot easier to see!

Still underexposed though. Let’s try again.

120 seconds of exposure and this is the result… with only a tiny bit of tweaking in photoshop (curves and sharpening):


The “bulb” long exposure function in ioShutter™ Lite enabled me to capture atmosphere and movement – I like it!

Beautiful! And easy, thanks to ioShutter for my Nikon and a beautiful fishing harbour. Interestingly, the warm glow on the boat is reminiscent of the sun going down, but is actually reflected light from the town of Paidstow on the opposite side of the harbour. It’s orange because it’s tungsten street light, so comes out orange thanks to white balance.

Here’s my BTS (Behind The Scenes) shot so you can see how I did it. I’d strongly recommend you always use the drawstring bag that comes with every ioShutter for SLR, but I thought seeing the screen might be cool.


My ioShutter in action with my trusty Nikon D300 and, of course, my iPhone.

I’d heard something going on behind me while I was focussing (sorry) on the sailing boat. I turned around to discover that the ferry had just laid up for the night. I dropped my aperture slightly as it was now quite dark so I knew I’d need an even longer exposure, and shot my favourite photo in a long time:


Capturing the unexpected – I didn’t realise the light was so blue, and so red! ioShutter™ often produces nice suprises!

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