5 Quick Tips to take Better Product Photos

Great product photography is very useful. Even if you’re not a “product photographer” it’s fun taking macro photos of little memoirs. Ever bought anything on eBay based on bad photos? Probably not… it’s a great way to maximise the speed and price of anything you’re selling online too. But it’s not all hard work!

Check out the cute macro photo featuring Danbo or Cardbo the giant!

Danbo photos have been popping up all over flickr®. Photographer Jim Hoover was the master macro photographer behind this cute photo diorama. Don’t be deceived into thinking you need a complicated setup for amazing professional looking macro product photos like this. Check out this example of a macro lighting setup on our last product photography blogpost – you can set it all up on a meeting table!

So here are 5 quick and easy macro photography tips before you press the shutter:

  • Keep your backgrounds as clean as possible. If the only surface you have is a table, cover it up with a piece of paper or a wrinkle free tablecloth.
  • White backgrounds work great – colour backgrounds are also fine as long as it doesn’t clash with what you’re photographing
  • Use your orbis® ring flash to bring your products to life! The orbis® makes colours pop. The soft light from your orbis® ringflash means you won’t any distracting harsh shadows and highlights from your SLR flash.
  • Use a tripod! Even if you think you have enough light or super steady hands, a little camera shake may mean losing major detail.
  • Crop it. Too much empty space and your photo will lose impact.

Give it a try and post your macro photos in the orbis® flickr group! Don’t have an orbis® and want to join in the fun? Get your own orbis® by choosing a store here.

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And don’t forget to check out Jim’s flickr stream for even more cool creative orbis® macro ringflash photos.


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