Shoot fishing with your orbis®

Fishing gear has never looked so good.

It’s easy to get frustrated photographing shiny fishing gear…. Tiny, shiny critters that bounce light right back at you.

Check out this stunning macro orbis® ringflash photo of a fishing lure from the orbis® flickr group.

Almost looks good enough to eat, right? It might get stuck in your teeth with the big hook just out of frame. When we first saw this shot we thought it was a fish!

I bet you never thought of shooting a fishing lure like this. Pro photographer and international fishing guide Nicola Zingarelli shows us how macro photography is done with his orbis® ring flash. You can see the signature orbis®  catchlight gleaming in the fish’s dewy eye, making it come alive like…. well… a real life fish.

You don’t need a multi-light setup to take stunning macro orbis® ringflash photos like this. Nicola shares how he did it using only his orbis® and a speedlight;

For this image I only used my SB800 through the orbis® ring flash. The light was on camera to the left, slightly above the lures to achieve the highlight on the eye and on the nose of the lure. I love to use the orbis® because it is very easy to handle, delivers a wrapping light and amazing highlights exactly where I love them to be.

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Post your macro ringflash photos in the orbis® flickr Group! Check out Nicola’s blog for more photos from his fishing journeys.

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