Stunning eye photos with your orbis® ringflash

“Whoa whoa, back it up!”- the most likely response if you try to gaze deep into someone’s eyes. Instead of scaring people away, ask to take a macro eye photo!

Eyes are amazing, they change colours in different lighting but they’re rarely lit well enough to see the complexity of colours and detail. That’s why macro photography is so fun because it reveals what you can’t see with the naked eye.

Check out this incredible orbis® macro ringflash photo in the orbis® flickr group! It just makes you stop and stare . They say eyes are the windows to the soul and this eye is just mesmerising.

Photographer Pablo “Teco” Salto-Weis Azevedo described these eyes as reminiscent of a distant nebula or galaxy. The secret to taking amazing macro photos of eyes is good lighting. To overcome the problem of shadows, Teco used his orbis® ring flash to achieve an even light across the eye so even eyelashes don’t cast shadows. Only then can you see clearly the interplay between the colours and the detail of the eye without distracting shadows from the lens or eyelashes. You can see Teco’s orbis® shining in the middle of the eye, giving an ethereal look.

One of the most raved features of the orbis® ring flash is the distinctive round catchlights that instantly light up your subject’s eyes. Your orbis® gives your subjects’ eyes a gorgeous “first time in love” sparkle which brings life to any portrait, unlike softboxes which often leave unnatural looking boxy catchlights.

Post your macro ringflash eye photos in the orbis® flickr group! Use your own eye as a model, or your cat’s… surprise everyone! Check out more of the orbis® macro ringflash tutorials here and lift your macro ring flash photography to the next level.

Want your own orbis® to get those beautiful catchlights in your eyes? Buy an orbis® today and get shooting!

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  1. […] There are a few things the Orbis Ringflash can do that no other light modifier can compete with.  First, I LOVE the circular catch-lights in a model’s eyes when you shoot with the ringflash.  The circular highlight really catches the attention of the viewer and gives the whole photo a fun, interesting look.  For proof of this, check out this photo. […]