Macro ringflash in natural habitats

It’s tough shooting macro ringflash photos of wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s a balance of being discreet enough so you don’t scare your subject away yet you have less control of the environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge of macro photography (and patience).

A lot of you were interested in setup shots from the last macro flower post so before we show you an amazing macro photo, check out this orbis® ring flash macro photography setup shot.

Hint: The star of this week’s photo has to do with a fairytale !

Equipment used: Manfrotto extension arm attached to tripod, Nikon D300, 300mm f/4 with 1.7 teleconverter

Before you take your camera hiking, keep these tips in mind…

  • Travel light. A huge softbox is likely to blow over, get in the way, scare everything in sight and is a pain to carry. The orbis® used off-lens is fantastic as a portable softbox and also works brilliantly as a ringflash when used on-lens.
  • Use your orbis® –  without flash the frogs would look lifeless and dull. The orbis® as a macro ring flash adds a ton of POP to photos like Nicolas’.
  • Always respect your subject’s natural habitat – too many flashes and a huge setup often causes distress.
  • Get down low. The only thing missing from the setup photo is photographer Nicolas Petit inching forward on his belly! Shooting at your eye level gets boring so it’s time to get down and dirty and change perspective for that perfect macro ring flash shot.

And the result!

© Nicolas Petit

One of the main reasons why I chose the orbis® is the wrap around quality of the light. The other is that it does not fly away or move when there is wind. With the orbis®  ringflash I can control the light so that the frog is well lit, and reflections of sunlight behind the frog do not ruin the shot.”

Try something new with your photography! For more inspiration, check out Nicolas Petit’s flickr stream and see his latest adventure with his orbis® and mountain biking.

Share your shots on our Facebook Page and flickr group for feedback from pro photographers!

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