Macro flower photography lighting tips

At the enlight HQ we’re eagerly awaiting Spring after a polar blast gave most of New Zealand -where we are right now- some snow for the first time in 72 years!

It’s time to brush up those macro photography skills and get ready to capture those first blooms. Whatever your season! Read on for some pro tips on macro ring flash photography.

Iris by Lopshire

The detail of this macro shot of an iris in this photo by Robert Lopshire is particularly stunning with the use of depth-of-field.

At first glance, photographing flowers seems easier than shooting people – after all they don’t tell you to hurry up or fuss about with hair falling out of place right? Macro flower photography presents its own challenges.

Like any type of photography, experiment with lighting to get the image you want. Flower photography lighting can be a challenge. One easy way to counter this is to use your orbis® to balance out the exposure using it as a macro ring flash.

Here’s some flower photography inspiration in Robert Lopshire’s photo of an iris. He used his orbis® with his Olympus FL-50 flash to capture this beautiful vivid macro ringflash flower photo.

Iris by Lopshire

The flower seems unreal. Lit by the orbis Ringflash the detail is incredibly clear.

Robert bought his orbis® Ringflash with the intent of using it for his model photo shoots but finds it perfect for his macro photography too. “I did a lot of research on the orbis® before I purchased it. The results with a ring flash are more flattering than a direct flash.”

Take a trip around your garden or park and you’ll be surprised what flowers you’ll find! Check out our flickr group for more macro ring flash flower inspiration and feedback from pros like Robert. Check out Robert’s incredible flickr stream for some amazing photos from macro to models!


Want more macro photography tutorials? Check out more tutorials on the orbis® Macro Photography Tutorials Page!


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