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Here is how we describe our gear:

The orbis® – Beautiful shadowless light, quickly and easily anywhere, every time!

The frio™ – Connect, combine, create! The frio™ is the world’s best hotshoe adapter. The only universal coldshoe with DualLock™ security.

ioShutter™ – the original SLR camera control for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

ioShutterCam™ – Timelapsing, stop-motioning, timering, laughing, dancing, jumping, triggering fun for your iPhone camera!

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Press Releases

2013 – Jun – 26 : frio™ V2 Launch Download the .pdf
2013 – Jun – 7 : ioShutter inventor James Madelin wins 42 Under 42 Award for Innovation. Download the .pdf
2012 – Nov – 6  :  ioShutter Nikon Launch – Download the .pdf
2012 – Nov – 6  :  ioShutter Nikon Launch UK – Download the .pdf
2012 – Oct – 22  :  ioShutterCam App Launch – Download the .pdf
2012 – May – 07 : ioShutter SLR Launch – Download the .pdf
2011 – frio™ coldshoe launch
2010 – orbis® arm launch
2009 – orbis® ring flash launch

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Press Features

Prominent features in print and online of our gear in the press worldwide.

2012 Dec – Photography For Beginners – ioShutterSLR – Top 5 Gift for Photographers
2012 Dec – Amateur Photographer – frio™ – 4/5 stars “Great value, essential for off-camera flash!”
2012 Dec – Amateur Photographer – ioShutterCam – 3/5 stars “A useful app”
2012 Nov – N-Photo Magazine – orbis® featured in “Pro’s Killer Kit” with Dave Kai Piper
2012 Nov – Digital Camera – orbis Ring flash – Pro Portrait Tips feature
2012 Nov – What Digital Camera – 4/5 stars preview
2012 Nov – Amateur Photographer – ioShutterSLR – Top 10 Gift for Photographers
2012 Sep – What Digital Camera Magazine – orbis – Sigma Lens Review Masthead shot with the orbis
2012 Sep – – ioShutterSLR – “Very useful…. I LOVE the ioShutter cable and app combination”
2012 Jun – Practical Photoshop Magazine “Blue Bra” feature shot with the orbis
2012 Jun – Amateur Photographer – ioShutterSLR – 4/5 stars “Hugely versatile”
2012 Jun – PDN Magazine – ioShutterSLR – Object of Desire feature