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The orbis® Flash

Studio ring flash systems are bulky, fragile, expensive and hard to use. The orbis® changes all that.

Put your orbis® onto your flash, lift it up in front of your camera and bingo, stunning, shadowless light, anywhere, every time.

With orbis, you never have to worry about lighting conditions again.

  • Stunning studio lighting without the studio…. affordable and easy!

  • Transform your harsh SLR flash into beautiful, shadowless light

  • Fits your detachable SLR flash

  • It’s a ring flash, softbox and beauty dish all-in-one!

  • 14 day TryAtHome guarantee… if you don’t love it return it!

If you live in the United States, Canada, the UK, the Continental EU, Australia, or New Zealand you can buy an orbis from us directly at one of our online stores.

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Live someplace else and still want an orbis?
No problem. The orbis can be found at quality retail shops worldwide. We’ve got a list of them all on our store finder page.

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The orbis produces stunning results

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Shot with the orbis flash

Shot with the orbis flash

Conceived by full-time professional photographer, James Madelin. Inspired by the Strobist philosophy. Developed by top optical designers. The orbis® is made from durable ABS plastic, weighs around 1lb (600g), is totally portable and works with your camera system’s TTL metering.
The ‘one-size-fits-most’ dock means that the orbis® ringflash fits a huge range of flashes with no need for add-ons. The orbis® works with all your camera system’s functionality and doesn’t stress the fragile hotshoe connection.
The orbis® ringflash is great fun to use and gives passionate photographers, like you, an edge. If you’re inspired to take your photography to the next level, the orbis® is ideal.

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Height:                 280mm / 11"
Width:                  220mm / 8 5/8"
Depth at grip:          55mm  / 2 1/8"
Depth at lens:          38mm  / 1 1/2"
Internal lens aperture: 87mm  / 3 7/16"
Weight:                 600g  / 1lb 5oz
Material:               Tough ABS plastic
Max. effective range:   4m/ 12’ (may be exceeded by raising ISO and/or lowering f stop)
Grip:                   Highly textured raised profile
Strap:                  Adjustable 1200mm removable
Light tunnel tech:      Patent-pending light tunnels, variable diffusion and V-flector™
Flash/strobe sizes:     Compatible with all commonly available (see orbis FAQs)
Lens compatibility:     Internal lens aperture diameter 85mm (see orbis FAQs)
Utilisation:            Handheld or as a system with the orbis Arm bracket
Ships with:             Manual, yellow protective bag, shoulder strap, extra fitting pad

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From Prep to Page – an orbis™ mini documentary

Follow orbis™ shooter and adventure photographer Graeme Murray on a magazine assignment in “from Prep to Page”, the first mini-documentary from enlight photo. Then see the beautiful Carena West filmed with a Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 bring the short film to a conclusion.

the orbis on location for a portrait shoot of a kickboxer

See the orbis® ring flash in action at a photo shoot of a kickboxer. Includes the advanced tip of using your orbis as a small softbox for directional lighting effects at close range.

Dom and Gamma – the orbis, latex, and a Scotsman

Photographer Dom Bower using the orbis™ to shoot a latex fashion campaign in an Edinburgh bar featuring the frankly gorgeous Gamma Ray Dali. Watch Dom shooting with stunning lighting using the orbis™ and other strobist-style lightsources.

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The orbis® arm is an invaluable mounting bracket that makes the orbis® even more versatile.
the orbis armThe orbis® arm provides a solid mount for photographers who want to use their orbis® in its primary ‘ring flash’ position for extended shoots.
With the arm you can also easily mount the system on a tripod without using an extra light-stand.
The orbis® arm is a compact and lightweight mounting bracket designed to work with the orbis® ring flash and most of your favourite SLR flashes, cameras and lenses. Built from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium and finished in a smooth powdered silver, the arm extends the possibilities of your orbis®, giving you the freedom to shoot on-lens for longer!
Tech Specs:

  • Fits the orbis® and flash to the camera using the solid tripod socket as the attachment point
  • Six-way adjustable to fit a wide range of gear combinations
  • Folds down quickly into a compact ‘travel mode’
  • Extensively tested for use and durability
  • Fully compatible with existing orbis® ring flash

the orbis® arm – you asked for it, we made it!
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Without my orbis, I’d be lost!
-David Hobby, AKA Strobist

Easily one of the best photography purchases I’ve made all year!
-Jeff Graham, USA Today

95% of the effect of a studio ring flash at a fraction of the price.
-Damien Lovegrove, UK Photography Guru

I love my orbis. Favourite thing in my bag!
-Photographer Miya E

Some of the most beautiful light output I’ve seen!
-Chris Gampat, B&H Photo Reviewer

The orbis is the best accessory I have bought for my camera in a long time!
-Vince D

Great professional results with beautiful soft light. The orbis deals wonderfully with product photography, portraits and macro.
-phototuts+ Review

The best investment I ever made!
-Amanuel Tsegu on Twitter

Way better than DIY!
-flickr shooter sirshannon

I have tried the cheaper Chinese versions and another from another brand and to me there is a HUGE difference. The orbis is built MUCH better and the quality of light is amazing.
-Pablo “Teco” Salto-Weis Azevedo

Without doubt the best photography accessory I own. The light it produces is A+ and it is portable.
-John P, USA

We’ve chosen the orbis for our BEST PRODUCT award!
-Derek Pell, Zoom Street Magazine Editor

I just completed my first paid photography job using the orbis and it’s brilliant! Incredible flexibility. The orbis has become an essential part of my kit. Worth every penny.
-Marc S, USA

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