Shortsighted? Find out why you see clearer on a sunny days!

February 8, 2013
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An unusual topic, thanks to an unusual day we enjoyed last weekend. The day we enjoyed was unusual because it was sunny… something pretty unusual here in the the UK. I noticed as we tore up the highway (at responsible legal speeds of course) that my usually short-sighted vision was nearly crystal-clear. If you’re shortsighted,.. read more →

Interview: photographer Robert Lopshire

December 20, 2011
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“Many times I’ve set up for a shot not knowing how the subject will react or if it will bite…I’m talking about the insects, not the models!” This week, we get up close (literally!) and personal with macro and portrait photographer Robert Lopshire. You may have seen his photos as part of the orbis® macro.. read more →

orbis® Macro Photography Tutorials

November 16, 2011

Check out these five stunning photos from the orbis® flickr group to present the orbis® macro photography tutorial series, featuring some great BTS (Behind The Scenes) stories and how-to tips. Click on the photos below to hone your macro photography skills and lift your photography to a whole new level! There’s something for everyone in.. read more →

5 Quick Tips to take Better Product Photos

October 13, 2011

Great product photography is very useful. Even if you’re not a “product photographer” it’s fun taking macro photos of little memoirs. Ever bought anything on eBay based on bad photos? Probably not… it’s a great way to maximise the speed and price of anything you’re selling online too. But it’s not all hard work! Check.. read more →

Shoot fishing with your orbis®

October 4, 2011

Fishing gear has never looked so good. It’s easy to get frustrated photographing shiny fishing gear…. Tiny, shiny critters that bounce light right back at you. Check out this stunning macro orbis® ringflash photo of a fishing lure from the orbis® flickr group. Almost looks good enough to eat, right? It might get stuck in your.. read more →

Stunning eye photos with your orbis® ringflash

September 25, 2011

“Whoa whoa, back it up!”- the most likely response if you try to gaze deep into someone’s eyes. Instead of scaring people away, ask to take a macro eye photo! Eyes are amazing, they change colours in different lighting but they’re rarely lit well enough to see the complexity of colours and detail. That’s why.. read more →

Macro ringflash in natural habitats

September 16, 2011

It’s tough shooting macro ringflash photos of wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s a balance of being discreet enough so you don’t scare your subject away yet you have less control of the environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge of macro photography (and patience). A lot of you were interested in setup.. read more →

Macro flower photography lighting tips

August 31, 2011

At the enlight HQ we’re eagerly awaiting Spring after a polar blast gave most of New Zealand -where we are right now- some snow for the first time in 72 years! It’s time to brush up those macro photography skills and get ready to capture those first blooms. Whatever your season! Read on for some.. read more →